Ginger Beer Pack (Make at Home)
Ginger Beer Pack (Make at Home)
Ginger Beer Pack (Make at Home)
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Ginger Beer Pack (Make at Home)

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Make your own alcoholic ginger beer at home! Mix the packet with two litres of lukewarm water and allow to stand in a warm, sunny environment for 48-72 hours. Enjoy over ice!

This is legal to buy during the current alcohol ban since there is no active alcohol in the packet when you purchase it. On average, the packet will result in a 6-8% ABV beer but it can get as high as 10% ABV.

Buy in bulk and save!

- FAQ -

What kind of bottle or container should I make the ginger beer in? You can use just about anything! Plastic bottles, a growler, a big glass jar. Just be sure that whatever lid you are using is not screwed or set on tightly.

Why can't I put a lid on tightly while it ferments? The gas from fermentation will build-up and explode. This can be very dangerous, especially when using a glass container. 

What is a warm environment to ferment it in? Ideally in the sun and above 20C. Otherwise, you can improvise by wrapping your bottle or container in towels and blankets to keep it cosy.

How do I know if it is working? There should be some bubbling and gurgling going on during fermentation. If you're not getting any bubbles then the yeast may be slow to react, so try a warmer spot and give the container a slight shake to move around the yeast.

Once it is done fermenting, should the brew stay in the same container or get transferred to something else? It won't make a difference either way. The important thing is for it to cool down in the fridge before twisting any lid or cap on tight.

What do I do about the foam on top? You can either scoop it off or mix it in. It's natural from the brew so totally fine to consume!

Does it keep fermenting once it's put in the fridge after 72 hours? It won't keep fermenting once it is cold.

How can I tell what the ABV (alcohol by volume) is in my batch? It is quite difficult to say without a hydrometer. Due to variations in the packaging and fermentation processes, ABV will typically be between 6% and 8%, with the highest possible ABV being 10%.

How long is my ginger beer good for? Once fermented, keep refrigerated and ideally enjoy within seven days. 

Mine doesn't seem very fizzy, did I do something wrong? No, the natural carbonation is low so don't expect it to be as fizzy as Stoney or something that is artificially carbonated.

Any recommendations on how I should drink it? It's delicious just as it is, but some folks put it over ice with some soda water and lime for a homemade Moscow mule cocktail.

For further questions on the ginger beer making, email Nick at 

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