Brewing with bugs

On Tap Magazine - December 2019

"This project was, for both the Drifter team and Gourmet Grubb, an adventure in experimentation, a window into a sustainable future, and a chance to change common preconceptions over one of the most universal languages of all time, beer."

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Friday Beer – Drifter Brewing Co Madora Brown Ale

Barley and Hops - December 2019

"We fully recommend giving the Drifter Brewing Co Madora Brown Ale a go. Don’t be put off in the slightest, it’s not what you would expect at all. In terms of swapping out a piece of fillet for a handful of insects, we leave that decision entirely up to you."

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Drifter Brewing Co Set to Launch Madora: World's First Bug Brown Ale

Texx and the City - December 2019

"Madora is a unique take on a classic Nut Brown Ale, pairing exceptional malt depth with nutty and earthy insects to create a one-of-a-kind beer – designed to promote sustainability through our collaboration with Gourmet Grubb,’ notes Drifter’s head brewer, Ross Eaton."

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Drifter Brewing Company set to launch wine-beer hybrid

Texx and the City - August 2019

"We love our Drifter Brewing fam, so when we see them launching new products and reaching new heights it makes us super happy [...] 'South Africa is traditionally a wine-focused country, so we wanted to expand peoples’ perception of what a beer can look and taste like,' says Drifter founder and director Nicholas Bush. 'We worked hard to marry the strong ale with the characteristics of the Sémillon grapes to create a product that would really showcase the best of both worlds.”

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Winners of the 2019 African beer cup

The Brewmistress - May 2019

"The other moment that made me grin – and almost cry – was the awards evening, held during the Craft Brewers Powwow. There is always something special about seeing people celebrate their success, more so when it is people that you know and more so still when you’re the one that gets the honour of announcing." - Lucy Corne

Drifter's Stormy Smoked Porter takes home award of 2019 ABC BEST BEER IN AFRICA.
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This is South Africa's favourite beer - plus what to drink while travelling the African continent

Traveller24 - May 2019

"Castle might get the mainstream vote, but earlier this month the best beer in Africa was crowned at the African Beer Cup. Cape Town-based Drifter Brewing Company brewed it, The Stormy Smoked Porter. ."

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Buchu gin and tonic now available on kulula flights

Khuluma (Kulula Inflight Magazine) - May 2019

Drifter Buchu G and T now available on all Kulula flights!

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Drifter Brewery to Launch Limited Edition Ocean Aged Beer

IOL - December 2018

"Drifter Brewing Company located in Cape Town has announced that they will be launching another set of limited edition ocean aged beer [...] The company first did this last year and it was the first brewery in the world to age beer in the sea."

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Drifter Brewing releases their second batch of Ocean Aged beer

Texx and the City - December 2018

When Drifter Brewing Company released the highly anticipated 2017 edition last year, it was the first brewery in the world to age beer in the sea. As of this week, Drifter have released the 2018 edition of its ocean aged beer, their second limited batch of bottles that age on the ocean floor around Cape Town for one year."

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5 low alcohol beers that don't taste like water

Food24 - December 2018

"Here are my top picks for this Festive Season...Make way for El Capitán because he’s setting sail on a tasty adventure and you’re invited. Drifter really pushed the boat out on this one and brewed a true Mexican-style lager. The result is a mild, malty brew with a subtle hop bite. I recommend shoving a lime in the bottle for maximum Mexicaness. "

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Migration brewing and Drifter Brewing collaborate on a cross global beer

BrewRepublic - November 2018

"Ever thought about adding salt and a bit of tartness to an IPA? Look no further as Migration Brewing recently collaborated with Drifter Brewing from Cape Town, South Africa on Wild Coast Gose IPA."

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Equity Crowdfunding: A New Model For Investing In Africa

Forbes - August 2018

"Although it is in its very early stages in Africa, equity crowdfunding has already produced limited results. Uprise.Africa, shared that earlier this week, the platform paid out investment funds for the first time to local brewery Drifter Brewery. This followed a successful campaign that raised R3,889,000 (US$293,000."

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After Dark music sessions at Two Oceans Aquarium

Cape Town Etc. - June 2018

"Hold onto your socks, there’s a new live music venue in town this winter. The Two Oceans Aquarium and Texx and the City have teamed up for After Dark, a series of stripped-down music events. Drifter Brewing Company, known for the unusual brews, will also partner with them for this event."

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Beerhouse: 99 Bottles of Beer on a Wall

CPT Experiences - May 2018

"We tasted the Drifter Coconut Ale and the Woodstock Happy Pils. I simply loved the Stranded Coconut. The flavour was not overpowering but gave it a soft, delicate taste that I know I would go back for in a heartbeat. Whatever your taste is, however, you will find it at Beerhouse."

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Innovation brews alongside beers

Herald Live - May 2018

"A Cape Town brewery known for its creative flavours and brews – including one that uses peanut butter and another that uses seawater – will soon be expanding its reach. Drifter Brewing Company has raised R3-million in investments in just over a month using a new crowdfunding website."

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This Craft Beer Startup Just Raised over a Million within 24 Hours through Crowdfunding

SME South Africa - March 2018

"Within just a few hours of taking their equity crowdfunding round live on Uprise.Africa, Drifter Brewing Company have already raised more than a million rand in growth capital. This is according to an Uprise.Africa press release."

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Craft brewer Drifter raises R1m in first day of equity crowdfunding campaign

Venture Burn - March 2018

"Cape Town-based Drifter Brewing Company has raised over R1-million, hours after its equity crowdfunding campaign went live on equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa. The craft brewer is looking to raise R3-million for 12.1875% equity over the next 59 days."

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Investors crowdfund for shares in Cape craft beer

Fin24 - March 2018

"A savvy Cape Town-based brewing company has already crowdfunded R1m for shares in its business. Drifter Brewing Company of Woodstock has made calls for patrons to invest in their company under the slogan 'drink your beer and own it too'.The company is using crowdfunding to raise capital, which they say they will invest in the company."

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New year, new beers: Find out what SA has brewing for 2018

Food24 - January 2018

"We may be a lager country but this (Water Restriction Gose) is about as far from lager as you can get. It’s a German-style gose (pronounced goes-uh) and it’s brewed with malted wheat, coriander and Atlantic ocean. Yup, sea water. It sounds crazy but there’s method to the madness."

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Meet the locally-brewed beer which was aged in the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Town Etc - November 2017

"A very special batch of limited edition beer will soon be available, courtesy of Woodstock-based Drifter Brewing Company. The beer, a classic Belgian-style tripel, is the first in a series of underwater beers by Nick Bush and Drifter team."

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Limited edition beer aged on atlantic seabed

Food Blog - November 2017

"Drifter Brewing Company will launch a limited edition batch of beers on November 28 that have been aging on the ocean floor in Cape Town for one year. This will be the first in a series of underwater beers brewed by owner, Nick Bush."

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Get a taste of Drifter's Ocean Aged Beer

CPT Magazine -November 2017

"This month, Drifter Brewing Company release a very special beer. A classic Belgian-style Tripel that was sent to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to age for a year will debut on Tuesday. Nick Bush, owner of Drifter Brewing Company, got the idea to mature his beer in the ocean while diving in Smitswinkel Bay, off Cape Point."

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Where to drink Craft beer in Cape Town

October 2017

"In Cape Town’s creative hub, Woodstock, there are an abundance of places to drink craft beer, but one of our picks is Drifter Brewing Company. Their tasting room is set up to feel like you’re on an old sailor’s vessel and their beers go down a treat too."

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2 Oceans Vibe Radio

November 2017

"Today we welcome back in the studio, Nick Bush from Drifter Brewing Co. TUNE IN NOW. Nick has been a busy merman since we last spoke to him. Drifter are about to launch their Ocean Aged Beer! Yup, that’s right, these beers have been ageing on the ocean floor in Cape Town for one year."

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League of Beers

League of Beers - May 2016

"Our brewer of the month for May is none other than Drifter Brewing Company, with Nick Bush at the hoppy helm. We caught up with him on an island under a palm tree to chat about what inspires his beer brewing technique and his beer drinking ethos. Well, not quite, but drinking these beers that’s where you’ll feel you are."

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