We, like most of you, are finding it difficult to put into words how the last few days have felt. Even knowing that many other countries were already experiencing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis still doesn’t prepare you for what it feels like when it finally hits your country and local community. 


We care deeply about keeping our staff and our greater community safe during this pandemic. Below are some best practices we’ve implemented at Drifter and that we recommend individuals practice as well. The most important thing is to stay informed through credible sources, be prepared (with a risk management plan for yourself, your household and your loved ones), and take care of yourself and your community with kindness and patience.


What we at Drifter are doing:

  • Our tasting room in Woodstock is closed for public hours until we feel it is responsible and safe to reopen. Takeaway bottles can still be purchased during office hours.

  • We'll have an online platform by mid-week for you to purchase beer to be delivered to your doorstep! Stay tuned for updates on this!

  • Most of our team are working from home, and our packaging team who commute from the townships will not be coming into the brewery to avoid crowded transportation. 

  • All employees will continue to be compensated their normal pay. 

  • We're washing hands as often as possible (20 seconds with soap and water), not engaging in handshakes or hugs, refraining from touching our faces, disinfecting surfaces and belongings, and most importantly, practising social distancing. 


What can you do? 

  • Remain patient and calm. Most of us haven’t been through something like this before and we are learning together. Remember to be gentle with each other.

  • Consider small local businesses and how you can help keep them afloat. A big shopping supermarket might be out toilet paper, but your corner tuck shop probably has it and would be grateful for your support

  • Connect with your community. Do you have neighbours who will be homebound or at-risk? If you're healthy, ask them what they might need from the shops and offer to run an errand on their behalf. 

  • Smile. We can still do this without any touching.

  • Call or text your loved ones. We’ve got powerful technology in our hands that still gives us the ability to connect with people.

  • Finally, most of us reading this are lucky in many ways. This is a difficult time for everyone, but a portion of us can find small moments of joy in these quiet days at home: making art or practising yoga, sipping a cold brew in the sunshine at home, enjoying the outdoors. As we all know, South Africa is a nation of extremes and deep inequalities. The responsibility is on the healthy and fortunate among us to use our privilege to look out for the those who are more at risk, such as people living without access to adequate sanitation, the elderly, people who have existing illnesses and compromised immune systems, and people who can't work from home or avoid public transit.


Social distancing may feel lonely and inconvenient, but it is an act of service and love toward our broader community. Now is the time to show up not just for ourselves, but also for each other. 


Yours in beer, 

Team Drifter

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We've moved to the winelands!

Stay tuned for updates!


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