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It's a new year, but the stormy seas have yet to ease up for our team at Drifter. Spending ten months adrift will batter your business sails, no matter how competent of a captain and crew you are (not to mention that 3/4 of our crew are no longer with us now). While we were thrown off our projected map for 2020, the constant change in navigation did teach us some powerful, albeit quick and difficult, lessons. And occasionally amidst the very dark days, a bright beautiful star would peek out from the COVID clouds and remind us that we're still here! Here are a few of those bright moments from 2020:
January 29, 2020 - Busy days with our packaging team in full swing as we prepare orders for export.Feb 11, 2020 - The Drifter tasting room floor gets redone in preparation of upcoming events.
February 21, 2020A couple of our Drifter crew journey to Clarens for the popular and notorious Clarens Craft Beer Festival!
March 16, 2020 - Whispers of a possible lockdown in South Africa start to get louder and we quickly build a Shopify store so folks can order online and get their beers delivered at home.
March 26, 2020 - Nick arrives back from New York the day South Africa goes into lockdown level five and the borders close. He quarantines at Drifter and gives us daily entertainment via YouTube videos called A Captain in Quarantine.
March 28, 2020 - Booze sales are illegal, but the craft beer community keeps one another's spirits up with a virtual Backyard Beer Festival, organised by Lucy Corne aka The Brewmistress.
April, 2020 - We get more tech savvy and try out virtual live events with talented friends like Sanda Shandu.
May 3, 2020 - Inspired by our folks at Woodstock Brewery, Drifter turns into a soup making facility to feed folks in need. By the end of 2020, Soup-A-Heroes helped make and distribute more than one million meals.
June 1, 2020 - The first alcohol ban lifts and we start hustling beer out the door again! Memory becomes our main brewer after four years of packaging.
June 20, 2020 - Drifter crew member, Chris, welcomes a new baby girl into the world, who he names Zan (after our Sales Director!)
July 13, 2020 - The second alcohol ban goes into effect, but we pivot again and push out our 0% Buchu Gin and Tonic and the Zwakala Ginger Beer brew-at-home packets.
August, 2020 - New brew dog, Bud, lifts everyone's spirits!
August 17, 2020 - The second alcohol ban is over in addition to the restriction of on-site consumption! Our tasting room re-opens and we cautiously serve pints to the public again.
October 31, 2020 - We're down to level one lockdown and Rouge Revue hosts a Halloween burlesque show at the brewery.
November & December, 2020 - Our tiny management team plan for ways to stay afloat knowing full well that a curve ball could come our way (which indeed happened when the variant strain of COVID-19 sped up a second wave in South Africa and booze was banned again on December 28th).
While we continue to bob up and down on waves of turmoil, spotting other boats in similar positions to us, we're tightening our life vests and hoping we all can ride this storm out together. Yours in beer and appreciation, Team Drifter
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