I'm signing off and saying farewell! - Anna

Hi everyone, today marks the end of my time at Drifter. 

Some of you may be perplexed because you attended my farewell party in May 2019, and indeed this is true, I took a step away from the brewery then. But two months later after another epic Woodstock Winter Beer Festival (the photo above proves how epic it was!) I found myself wanting to be back in the thick of Drifter things again. And wow did it get thick.

March 2020 was bonkers. Everything is still absolutely bonkers. The pandemic, alcohol bans and continuing lockdowns have changed our entire business. Last year Drifter turned into a soup kitchen, an online store and a home delivery service, and in April of this year, the entire brewery moved out of its Woodstock premises. We've been quiet this winter because Drifter is regrouping for its 2.0 version out in the Winelands! It's really difficult to step away from something you started (hence, why I've had to do this twice) but based on all the pivots this company has gone through since 2015, I have full confidence in its future without me. 

When I look through Drifter-related photos from over the years, I can't help but notice how big my smile is in all of them. I feel lucky to have been part of something so special and fun. Starting a company is a labour of love that sweeps you off your feet. It's exciting and exhausting. It's given me some of the biggest headaches and the biggest heart swells (not to mention the biggest hangovers)!

Thanks for everything, Drifter community. You've been amazing! Signing off, Anna

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We've moved to the winelands!

Stay tuned for updates!


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